{WIAW} instacart edition.

well, this should probably be called {WWEF} what we’ll eat friday! last night brittany had told me about instacart, a food delivery service (kind of like peapod) but they deliver same day and from a variety of stores, including whole foods!

while im a pretty devote peapod-er, figured id give it a whirl since she sent me a referral link that gave me $10 off and free delivery on my first order. i just got peapod on saturday, so didnt need much, but alli is coming over on friday before the ballet so i figured i should pick up some pre-show nibbles to go with our bubbly!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.20.26 PM

the site is very easy to navigate and i quickly added to the cart some cheese, olives, pepperoni and crackers. i was impressed to see that basically every item whole foods has in stores was on the website (not the case for peapod.) they also have a “add special request” button for items that you know are in store, but aren’t on the site. you just write a brief description and/or upload a picture so the shopper knows what they are looking for! if they have questions, they will call.

i think my FAVORITE part of instacart is their replacement screen. (i was so excited in fact, i forgot to screen shot it. so you get a random screen shot i found here.)

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.33.01 PM


sometimes, peapod makes replacements i just can’t stand. i personally do not like plain chobani. (i don’t mind their flavored yogurts, but the plain tastes chalky.) theres nothing more disappointing than ordering two weeks worth of fage and opening the bag to find the cho! (ok, there are more disappointing things, but messing with my food does rank pretty high.)

instacart lets you chose what you want your replacement to be if your item is out of stock. REJOICE! (they also have an option to not to replace it at all.) LOVE. for the brie, i just chose a similar brie. but for the jarlsberg, i chose a cheddar. because why not?

also fabulous: they have a tracker. YAAAS. i love tracking my food. the dominos app is probably the most used app on my phone.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.30.10 PM

thanks for shopping for lazy ol’ me michaellllll.


before long, i got a text that my personal snack shopper michael was on his way!

IMG_1118he alerted me that the turkey pepperoni was out of stock, so they gave me my replacement option, regular pepperoni. (i was secretly hoping that happened. gimme the fatty stufffffff.)

seriously, the whole process was so easy! whats not going to be easy is not snacking on them before alli’s arrival. and considering vegas is a week away, and i gained like 75lbs over my birthday week, i really should not be eating cheese… but…

IMG_1112actually, today it will be easy- don’t feel very good. which is why im home, ordering cheese, and watching the painfully awkward movie the secret life of walter mitty. seriously, not sure im even going to be able to get through the whole thing, its that cringeworthy.

oh and incase you missed the link above- here is a referral link for you to use to try out instacart! http://inst.cr/t/zZjPso you’ll get $10 off your first order AND free delivery. if you say no to free food delivered to your door, im not sure we can be friends.

sigalso, i know this isn’t your standard {WIAW} post, but toast and tea isn’t all that interesting! but hey, at least now (if you live in a city instacart supports) you can order up some delicious eats to make up for the lack of them here, mmmmmmkay?

 and as always, thanks to jenn for hosting!

taco tuesday & other things.

hi friends! hope you’re having a good night. i just got home from taco tuesday at vitos with britty b. for those who don’t know, i met brittany when i first moved up here through my bestie mg. despite the fact we live directly across the street from each other, we don’t hang out nearly enough! (like, despite bumping into each other randomly, i think the last time we actually hung out was last halloween. not ok!)

hidden gem: vitos does half price tacos on tuesdays. and they are awesome. my personal favorite are the fish tacos (below) but britty got the baja beef tacos that looked pretty awesome as well! it was so fun catching up. britty has always been theeeee best at halloween- this year she’s being a lego person to a work party and tanya harding to a friends (i saw pics of both costumes- totally on point! will have to share later.) her ursula last year = unreal.

IMG_1108but despite tonight being so fun, today for me was just blah. i usually don’t write about that kinda stuff here, but one of my favorite bloggers, madison of espresso and cream, posted today about how the motivation behind one of her post was a bit ugly- she realized that she was just looking for people to think/say nice things and to build herself up.

when i started (b)log up again, it was honestly because i was looking back at all of my old posts and absolutely loving that my life was documented. i missed having that! it was so nice being able to relive the fun moments (and delicious food) that i captured in pictures and words- things i would have normally forgot. (in fact, t, kp & i spent some time friday scrolling through memory lane courtesy of (b)log!)

but now when i look back, something i noticed that you guys wouldn’t is that all my posts were so happy. and to be honest, i was very unhappy through a lot of it. i was breaking up with my boyfriend from college, and it was tough. i was making (and losing) some friends, and the transition was hard! but i chose not to document that. i wanted it to appear that my life was only happy- and lets be real, no ones is.

so truth is- today was not my best. i felt overwhelmed at work. i was anxious most of the day and had a hard time dealing with situations i normally thrive in. (although, i still think i did a good job, i just felt off.) and i felt sad at some points for other personal reasons that im not totally comfortable talking about, but will admit were there. so lets just say, it was an off day, ok?

but the thing is, the day ended well! and thats the part i usually only (b)log about. not knocking it (and im not going to turn (b)log into a diary of every up and down), but i agree with madison- sometimes its best to check your intentions. while most of mine here are to document the good times (aka the stuff you actually want to remember)- life isn’t perfect. so its silly to portray it that way. the hard times are worth remembering sometimes too. and its silly to make your life seem perfect. hi, im the first one to snark on people who i can tell are lying. not nice, but true.

so theres my actual day. it wasn’t all cute cat pics and tiaras and cupcakes. it actually sucked 2/3 of the time. but thankfully i had a great friend who ate tacos with me and turned it all around!