maybe she’s born with it

…maybe they’re glued to her face.

lets talk eyelashes because guys, im 100% OBSESSED with my eyelash extensions.  i legit get compliments 3+ times a week- the checkout girl at the grocery store, my dental hygienist, a random person on the spin bike next to me… talk about an ego boost.  i get a lot of questions about them too, so figured id write up a little post with some of the FAQ.

shout out to cori for transforming my eyeballs and also listening to me ramble about my dating disaster stories for (literally) hours on end over the last year. love ya girl!

(apologies in advance for some very close up pictures of my makeup free face.)


before my appointment today
just shy of three weeks since my last appointment


how long does it take?
each session takes about an hour, although the first appointment takes about an hour and a half.

how often do you go?
typically every 2-3 weeks.  when i first started, i went every 3-4, but i love how full they look right after i get a fill, so i go more often now.

does it hurt?
nope!  it definitely was weird having my eyes taped the first session, but you get used to that pretty quickly.  sometimes it stings a little at the end when you first open your eyes, but overall i find it pretty relaxing (and have fallen asleep towards the end of some sessions!)

again, apologies for the closeup…my eyebrows need some tlc- eek.
props to cori for being able to glue tiny things to my twitchy eyes.
also, thanks cori for suggesting we take a video rather than a pic- so cool to see!

those are really long, can i get shorter ones?
you bet!  when i first started going, i opted for shorter lashes and more of a cat-eye look (longer ones towards the outside.) over time i went for a more natural look (mostly all the same length) but with the longest lash extensions cori has! (i secretly wish they were longer… actually not so secretly… ive asked cori and she laughs. yeah, i guess that might be a bad idea.)  def do some google searches before you go and see what styles/length you like!

can you get them wet?
yes! well, not for the first 24 hours, but after that you can shower, workout, wash your face, etc.  without worrying.  if i can, i will try and shower/wash my hair before my appointment so im good to go for the next day, otherwise i will wear goggles in the shower the next morning to make sure they don’t get wet (yes, you read that right.  and yes, i look like a freak.)  one other important thing to note is that you cannot use oil based products on your lashes.  the good thing is there are tons of oil-free face washes and makeup removers out there, so not a big deal!

speaking of makeup, can  you still wear eye-makeup?
yup!  i still wear eyeliner- although its a little difficult to take off.  common sense here, but rubbing your eyes makes them fall out faster.  since i cant scrub my eyes when im washing my face, i have to use a q-tip soaked in makeup remover to get it off after washing. as for mascara, you dont really need it and its not recommended. you definitely can put some on, but the lashes will likely fall out faster.  not worth it in my opinion!

have you had to make any other changes?
sure have.  i used to sleep on my stomach a lot, but id wake up and find a pillow case full of lashes and the ones still attached would be a bit wonky.  now im a side sleeper/back sleeper only.  another thing, a spoolie brush will be your new best friend.  you have to brush these babies out.  i do it usually three times a day (after i wash my face in the morning, after i put on my makeup, and after i wash my face before bed.)  sometimes ill have to touch up some out of place ones during the day, so i keep one in my purse too.

how much does it cost?
it aint cheap folks.  but it also depends on where you go and how often!  the first application with cori cost me $180 and if i go in for a fill every two weeks its $65, three weeks is $85 and four weeks is $95.  despite being a math major, im not good at mental math and therefore i thankfully cant figure out what that averages out to a year… but its alot.  i love them so much though so for me its a splurge im willing to make.

is there anything you dont love about them?
nope!  i will say that when i first got them i wasnt completely over the moon with them.  dont get me wrong, i still liked them a lot, but i was used to wearing strip lashes that were SUPER full/voluminous and these just seemed to have a little less pop.  also, it was hard adjusting to not touching my eyes. you dont realize how much you touch your eyes a day until you cant.  but as i got used to having them on and adjusted my eye-makeup routine, i fell more and more in love with them.  not having to glue those strips on (which was anxiety inducing) or worrying if they were going to fall off in the middle of a night out is awesome.  also, you can actually say “i woke up like this” cause ya did and your eyes look bomb.


after my appointment today.
so fresh! so full! yaaaaas queen (cori.)


i think that covers most of the questions i get asked frequently, but if theres anything else you are curious about, feel free to leave them in the comments and i will answer for you!


coming soon:  my thoughts on my cleanse (aka that time i didnt eat solid food for five days and shockingly wasnt in a constant state of hanger) and the start of my half marathon training (spoiler: ive got a lot of work to do…)